Improve your game!

If you want to be successful in sport, maintaining physical fitness is only part of the battle.

Research suggests that sports performance is more about mental abilities than physical abilities. To many of us this is hard to believe, but thousands of sports people are utilising the power of their mental state and drawing on resources within, into having a positive effect on their sports performance. Hypnosis has been used for many years to help professional athletes enhance their natural ability.

Sports people often refer to being in the ‘zone’. This means that they get totally absorbed in what they are doing and barely notice outside distractions when performing at their best. Hypnosis can often help individuals access the ‘zone’ so that they can use this to enhance their performance.

Hypnotherapy can help with golf, running, football, cricket, boxing, darts, swimming, and most other sports. The therapist works to improve and enhance the clients mental attitude by helping them to relax, removing anxieties and boosting confidence.

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